Once, Twitter was a place where people would text messages of 120 characters or less to a short code address. Once received, these carefully constructed, space-conscious messages would propagate to followers all over the Twittersphere. I was on Twitter then. I am on Twitter now.

Glenn Moses

Do you enjoy my video channel? Are you a vendor wishing to introduce me to your product so that I may, without bias, introduce your product to my people? Please message me clearly with your intention. Within days I will magically respond.


Conquering YOUR WORLD in the NICEST Possible Way

​​I joined Instagram in 2012. I have many thousands of interesting photographs in my library, all of which are made by me. Most of my followers are people from around the entire world with whom I maintain friendships since having met them on this wonderful social media platform.

​On YouTube I post videos that I make with my Camera Drones. I also experiment with Time Lapse photography, which is a form of moving picture which appears to accelerate time. Please subscribe to my channel and make yourself at home there.

Rochester, New York

I am Glenesis.

I have been known by many names.

I have come to Save the World.

I make photographs for Instagram.

I make videos for YouTube.

I will not do Facebook. Facebook is an Evil Empire.

My content is entirely Family Friendly.